Oh she’s/he’s just a friend!


Have you ever been in a situation where you meet your spouses co-workers or people who are apart of their extracurricular team or organization, and there is this one person who breaks their neck to stand out? I peep those people when I meet my husbands “friends” who are of the opposite sex.  They are trying so hard to meet you and share with you their relevance in your spouses life.

Blah, Blah, Blah, go sit down somewhere!

Ok don’t get me wrong I could be a bit bitter, but I know this type of friend.  First off, they think you, the spouse don’t know that they exist, because their relationship with your spouse is “so close” or friendly (so they think).  They think they have something over you because they share this one thing with your spouse and you are not there to be apart of that or experience the small victories that are awarded periodically.

10 ways to recognize the type.

  1. The friend who constantly says “remember when”. As if the two of them share some secret or private moment.

  2. The friend who ask you a million questions about yourself.

  1. The friend that ask if your spouse has ever spoken about them, to you.

  2. The friend who touches your spouse when they talk or laugh. Also the selfies with your spouse are endless.

  3. The friend that introduces their whole family to your spouse without acknowledging you.

  4. The friend who talks to your spouse all night, claiming to feel uncomfortable around everyone else.

  5. The friend who acts overly interested in your children.

  6. The friend whose clothes are completely inappropriate in a family atmosphere.

  7. The friend who tries to tell you about your spouses likes and dislikes.

  8. The friend who stares you down all night, or makes the comments “so and so never mentioned how pretty you were”. I mean really.

If you are that friend, please don’t embarrass yourself and if you are the significant other, prepare yourself for the classlessness and always stay gracious.  Never let them know they are getting to you or that it bothers you in anyway their relationship with your spouse.

I say spouse in this post, but I mean spouse or  significant other. My blogs are for all relationship types. We are all in this together. 🙂 

If you have a story to share about this topic or if you agree or disagree please respond in comments I would love to hear from you.


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