5 Date Night Relationship Savers


Relationships are often challenged because of the amount of time available to be alone with each other is limited.  Rekindle some of that romance by scheduling a date night once a week or twice a month.

Skip anything that doesn’t force you to reconnect with each other.


  • Dinner is always nice. Instead of having dinner at a restaurant how about a nice dinner at home. You can order in or pick up something from a favorite restaurant and eat by candle light. This gives you all a chance to catch up and share things with each other that sometimes is not possible with the daily hustle and bustle of life.


  • Picnic at a park, lake front, or in the middle of your living room floor. Choose simple foods that you all can feed to each other. Use this opportunity to flirt and touch each other, reminisce or talk about your future together.


  • Sneak away to a hotel that offers the honeymoon sweet or some lavish upgrades. Many hotels like the Sybaris offer 4 hour reservations. The goal is to spark romance and reconnect (which is a word you will here many times in this blog). You don’t need to make it a weekend getaway you just need a few hours to let one thing lead to another in the most passionate way.


  • A fabulous night of dancing. If you or partner dances or likes being in a club atmosphere, go out together.  I know some of you are like, “take my partner to the club, are you crazy?” But it could be great. Dance together the whole night, touch each other, flirt with one another, hold each other, and make everyone around you jealous.  Strip clubs could work for this one also. You would never believe the connection you could make with your partner engaging in this type of entertainment.


  • Take an art class or cooking class together. These are always fun activities to do with your loved one.  If you struggle with things to talk about, this type of activity sparks conversation and interest.

I’m a nosey rosey and I would love to see pictures of your date nights or hear about your outings.  I am always looking for new ideas for Frankie and I, so share. Comment below or send your stories and pictures to answers@happilyevermaybe.com.  If your picture or story is selected I will showcase it on my blog Happily Ever Maybe. 

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