Does your partner support your dreams?


When it comes to pursuing your passion driven dreams, does your spouse support your dreams?

I have talked with other women who have had these big dreams, but they are afraid to go after them, because their spouse or partner does not believe in what they want to do.

Now I don’t mean their partner feels they don’t have the money or the means to fulfill their dreams they just don’t care about what their partner is doing or they think their idea is unrealistic without giving it any thought.  I have met women and men who have wanted to do things that I had seen them pursuing for years and once they have married or have committed themselves to a long term relationship they have decided to give up on their dreams.

I always ask the question, why?

They want that reassurance that what they are doing is valid, and sometimes we look for that from our loved ones.  Although we know that we can do it without their approval, it just makes the journey worth it more when you have their support.  You want your partner to cheer you on, lend their ear, give unbiased advice, and even hold you when things are not going like you want them too.  Sometimes when you are all alone trying to fulfill something that takes your time and energy it can become overwhelming and feel like it is not worth it. Especially when you have that partner that is complaining about you spending to much time, money, or energy into something that is not your relationship.

I personally support anything my husband wants to do, that contributes to his future and ours as a couple.  In return he does the same for me.  

We hear each other out and encourage one another when it’s right.  Now sometimes we do have ideas that are not healthy for our relationship, but these are not things that are passion driven or things we have always wanted to do. We are honest with each other and when something is not good for us as individuals or as a couple we don’t entirely dismiss it, but we talk about it and decide together what to do.

Supporting each other mentally and emotionally is a big factor in the success of relationships. We all have dreams, and to have them shut down by someone we love can kill our ability to succeed successfully in a relationship.

If you have or had a partner who did not support your dreams would that be a relationship worth saving or would you cut your loses and move on?



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