Making Memories

Life has a way of blinding you with working, bills, family, news, and all the other everyday issues that come in and out of your life.  Most times you forget what it is like to take a moment and enjoy your partner.

My husband and I are guilty of going through the motions and forgetting to make memories along the way.

We are aware that our children and working are areas of our life that will always take most of our time, but we should not feel guilty for wanting to take sometime for each other.  It is important to allow yourself to enjoy your partner every time the opportunity presents itself.

Almost every week we have movie night with the kids, so it is a good bet we will be watching a kids movie and maybe one or two of the kids will want to sit in between my husband and I.  On those rare occasions when they prefer to camp out out on the carpet or huddle with each other, my husband and I use that time to cuddle with each other.  We sneak a kiss here and a squeeze there, it is those flirtatious moments that remind me of when we first started dating and how easy it was for me to fall in love.

Every blue moon we will get lucky and a family member will want the kids for the weekend or all of the kids will have something to do that does not require our presence, we take that opportunity to make memories with each other.

Now we don’t always choose to leave the house and our time together is not always used to talk, but we definitely make the most of every minute.

I remember one time we spent our anniversary binge watching House of Cards.  We still talk about that time and how we surrounded ourselves with food and blankets and sat and watched a show for hours.

I love my husband and the time we spend together without interruptions, which is minimal. I believe relationships can survive the demands of life as long as you take those small opportunities to make memories.

What is a memory you remember with your partner, that makes you laugh or reminds you of how much you love them?

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