Traveling with your spouse

Traveling with my husband is one of the things I really love about being in a relationship with someone I love.  We have had our experiences good and bad traveling, but we always come out with a little more enjoyment and love for one another.

Just recently we took a short vacation to Washington DC to tour the White House. Although we have traveled to this location before, it was like being their for the first time, because we were traveling without children.  Those of you with children know what it is like to attend anything with young children, it’s all about them and their comfort and your ability to keep them behaving appropriately.

This go around was just as enjoyable but maybe a little bit more.  Our decisions were based merely on how each other felt about the things we did.  We talked about the places we wanted to go and the things we wanted to see and we were able to accomplish everything we set out to do.  We chose to walk for most of our exploration and that gave us time to talk, take selfies, sit and enjoy the scenery, and spend time at each monument focusing on the history, our history.

Dressing for our big tours like the White House was even pleasant. My husband paid attention to the little things I did for myself.  It is very ware that he gets to see the magic that goes into changing my appearance from worn out mother to out on the town wife.

We had dinner at a little cuban restaurant with live music and dancing.  We have become big fans of salsa dancing. We have yet to attend a class, but the thought of learning something so passionate together is exciting and something to look forward too.

In a relationship I feel it’s important to have those moments when it’s just about you and your partner.  Traveling is one of those opportunities to get to know each other and to tune into your partners likes and dislikes, their ability to time manage, how they respect you and others, and most importantly how to have a good time that is enjoyable for the both of you.

Visit Happily Ever Maybe Instagram and check out some of our photos and videos that were taken. If you have pictures from trips that you have taken with your partner please share them with us on instagram.

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