Whatever Happened to the Chase?

Once we are in a committed relationship, we as in both partners, somehow think it is okay to give up the chase of winning each other over.  In todays time the chase is non-existent, in some cases, before commitment is even reached.

Whatever happen to flowers just because, surprise lunch dates, a card or poetry for no other reason than to express what you mean to each other, sentimental gifts, or a compliment that uplifts your partner on their worse day.

I miss that feeling of feeling like I am thought about.  I miss that feeling of not taking things for granted and assuming I will always be around.  Truthfully I will be, but I like the feeling of someone I love showing me they want to stay in that moment with me.

I met my husband in high school and we have been together for years.  I remember many of the letters he wrote me and left under my door and of course how he surprised me from time to time with little inexpensive gifts to show he listens to me or to uplift me when I’m feeling down. This is not to say he doesn’t care about me like that anymore he just shows it in a much different way.

I was watching an episode of Empire and I watched how Luscious used his knowledge of when he first met Cookie, to make her smile or to show her that hey I’m still here, I still love you, and I still want you in my life. I smiled watching that episode, because as much as Cookie tried to deny it, that did something to her emotionally. To see someone show their love for you in memorable way is nice.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that I need to receive gifts and love letters everyday, but choosing not to fart while we are in bed or looking at me when we talk instead of at your phone goes along way with me.  I am a hopeless romantic that will sit and watch love stories all day long, but I would much rather be the victim of a hopeless romantic. Let me clarify, not a stalker, but my husband being the hopeless romantic.

This goes both ways. Here are some ways to keep the chase going.

  1. Send a love text or if you are feeling frisky send an intimate text.
  2. Have flowers sent to your love one at their place of employment or on a day you both are home.
  3. Ask for your love one to cuddle up with you and watch a movie from when you first started dating.
  4. Make them something.
  5. Have dinner by candle light.
  6. Take a drive to a lookout spot, scenic spot, or lake front.
  7. Write a letter or poem.
  8. Sing them or play them some songs from when you first met.
  9. Dress up, put on a little makeup, or change up your appearance for a day.
  10. Do something for your partner that they would never expect, like cook a fancy dinner, clean a room, repair something they have been asking to have fixed, or give them a nice massage.

It’s in your hands to start the chase. Think back to when you wanted that person to be your number one.  Every now and then show them that you still want them to be your number one.

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