Dating while overweight!

This is happily Ever Maybe first guest post.  We encourage all of our followers to share their relationship experiences. 

First let me introduce myself. I am a single woman whose faced with three flaws in the dating world. I am over thirty, curvy in size, and I have been burned so I take no shit (for lack of a better word) from anyone when it comes to starting a relationship. I am very up front and I make my demands early on, so no one is surprised in a week or two when I am planning our weekend getaway to some far off island.

Now the problem I seem to run into is that, I think I’m curvy but most men flat out tell me I am not their type because I am fat.  I admire them for being upfront, but yes my feelings are most times hurt. Now, I am not trying to date models, but I do like for my man to be fit and have nice eyes or a nice smile.

I know your like, what nerve do I have wanting a man who is fit. But hey it’s my choice, and hey, let me say, if your personality is great and you share my likes I can look past the fit part.

Getting back to the problem, and that is my weight. Now, I am in love with all of me. I have a pretty face, curves in the right place, I’m educated, gainfully employed, and a beast in the bedroom. Most will never know these things about me, because my weight stops them dead in their tracks.

I have tried meeting men everywhere, and I mean everywhere, church, grocery store, bar, parties, blind dates, online, and at work.  It is a sad reality that the one thing keeping me from finding my guy is my weight.  I am a nice, active, fun loving, and down to earth individual.  My weight unfortunately gives men the false idea that I am a pig who could not possibly look good without clothes.

Truth is I will not eat you out of a house and home, I do not stink, I am clean, I am not lazy, and I like to look good. All I ask is to not judge by appearance alone, but to get to know the glamorous person inside.  Some may say lose the weight, but in my case, that is easier said than done.  I will make more of an effort to lose the weight somewhere down the line, but it would be nice to know someone loved me for who I am now, curves and all.



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