My Love Letter to You

In this world of technology and communication being minimized to 140 characters or less do you ever think about going back to the way things use to be. I don’t mean to a world without cell phones, I just mean, maybe handwriting a love letter to your special person and mailing it to them.

As a writer I can appreciate the love of paper and pen, but most wouldn’t dream of writing there most intimate thoughts on paper, to the one they love. Instead they whether post on a social media outlet, letting the world know how much they care about their special person.

Sometimes all you need to help boost a relationship is something personal and thoughtful, like a love letter. When my husband and I were in high school we wrote letters to each other all the time.  He was a bit of poet back then and I wrote out these three page letters professing my love for only him.

I laugh about those times now, so young, but those gestures meant the most to us.  I still have my letters from my husband and every now and then I look back at those letters and smile about our young love. I ask him sometimes to write me a letter, and he looks at me like I am crazy.  I remind him that he use to and that I have the old ones to prove it.

It’s great to look forward to something, but even better to get something unexpected. I love romance and happy endings. I love pictures that show true love and admiration for each other. I love the words that are written from someones thoughts that pour out pure love.

Write your partner a love letter today and seal it with a kiss. It is a wonderful mood booster and a perk on the love meter.

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