10 Day Romance Challenge

Okay you hopeless romantics I challenge you to love on your partners for 10 consecutive days. Sex Free Romance.

This challenge is good for

  • All that love their partner
  • If you need a relationship boost
  • If you want to take that partner you’re dating to a more serious level
  • If you want to spark some fire in that marriage
  • If you want to rekindle a dying relationship
  • If you want to surprise your partner
  • Okay let’s be real, it’s for everyone whose in a relationship

Now the challenge: It is quite simple. Each day will require you to do something romantic for your partner. I will suggest things, but if you decide to go it on your own, please comment about what you did, I would love to know how you keep the romance. For others, every day will get more and more romantic.  Day one will be a small gesture and Day two will be a bigger gesture than day one, and so on and so on.

Also I would like to showcase some of the couples who are accepting the challenge, so please send pics to answers@happilyevermaybe.com or post them to happilyevermaybe Facebook page. Follow me on Twitter @happilyevermayb and let’s tweet about how the challenge is going.

Remember to tweak these challenges if needed.

Day one: write a love note. Short and sweet. A sentence or two and leave it where they will find it at some point during the day.  If you don’t live with your partner, wake up a little early and push a note under their door or post it to their front door, without letting them know your there.

Day two: Leave their favorite dessert for them to enjoy. Make it more romantic and feed them their favorite dessert.

Day three: Prepare a bath for them. With bubbles, music, and candles. No bath tub, no problem, light candles around the bathroom and put on music and they can shower in a calm setting.

Day four: Send flowers through a delivery service to their work place, home, or a place you know they will be.

Day five: A Home Movie night. Prepare for a movie night of something romantic like Love and Basketball or The Notebook. Don’t forget the cozy blanket, cozy pajamas, popcorn, and some drinks.

Day six: Your half way through the romance challenge, use today to be flirtatious. Love taps, love text, kisses for no reason, compliments, lots of hugs, and snuggling.

Day seven: Look at each other. Yes, look at each other. Stare into the eyes of the one you love. Really take a look at the one you call your everything. Touch their face softly, touch their ear, their shoulders, and as far as your willing to go or as appropriate. Really look at your partner and then tell them how you feel about them.

Day eight: His and Hers. This is a little comedic but it’s fun.  Find or make something that comes in his and hers. A shirt, towels, hats, or something along those lines. Get creative with the delivery of this gift.  Trust me, as cheesy as it sounds, it brings smiles.

Day nine: Food! Yes, I know you’ve been waiting on this one. Cook your loved one a meal, something different and exotic. Open a cookbook or better, find something on Pinterest. Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner. Set the table with fresh flowers, candles, and a nice table setting.  Indoor or Outdoors, just make it special. Dress for the occasion and ask them to do the same, without telling them about your special meal. I would love to see pictures of this.

Day ten: You made it! Day ten. Now this doesn’t mean you have to stop at day 10, but being romantic is work. Just don’t forget the romance in your relationship. Challenge day 10, Scavenger Hunt. Send your love on a scavenger and at the end of the hunt there should be a jar of I love you because. Now this jar can be as small or as big as you want. This jar can have as many I love yous or as little, it is all up to you. You can instruct your partner to read one everyday, when they are upset with you, or when they are missing you.  It is such an awesome idea. The scavenger hunt should be places that are of importance or significance to you and your partner. This can also be done around the house. Just put some effort into this challenge, this will go down in the books as one of your most romantic gestures.



I love you because jar. Picture found on Pinterest.

Okay so what are you waiting for, start the challenge. Keep me posted! comment on this blog. Send pics to our e-mail and we will post them on our IG, go to our Facebook page happily ever maybe and post about the challenge, or Find us on Twitter and let us know how the challenge is going @happilyevermayb.

We will podcast about this challenge so check back with us.

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