The Relationship/Dating Journey

Everyday I am looking and observing couples and how they interact with each other.  I smile at new love and new relationships, because everything is new and fine tuned. You are not aware of the secrets and hidden information that one withholds when starting a relationship. Their exes are a mystery, how they treat their family is a mystery, and their bedside manner is a mystery. The tragedy comes six months into the relationship when you find out they are married, abusive, bi-curious, or a liar.

There are many relationships that start out nice and continue to grow stronger and stronger. You become inseparable and the desire to be together is from both of you. You love spending time with one another, there is no baby mama drama, they have good credit, and they love their mother.

It is so easy to like or love at first sight, you know nothing.  The challenge comes later in the relationship when you find out the true identity of a person.  When you first meet someone you notice their outer physical appearance. You make your judgement based on what this person looks like. Fortunately in the world of internet dating you can get to know someone before actually seeing what they truly look like. I personally feel uneasy about those that pursue meeting people online. It is just too much uncertainty.  True enough when you meet someone in person your still not sure what they are all about, but at least their appearance is true.

Do you ask the right questions when dating or getting to know someone.  I like office romances or school romances. I mean you learn much about a person when you are friends first. This person most times thinks there is nothing between you two so what do they have to hide. You learn many things being someones friend and go to person.

When that attraction for another person just clouds your judgement and you are in this relationship on pure faith, now that can be exciting as well.  You just love every thing about this person, but you know that maybe they are not feeling you as much as you are feeling them. You are going outside your comfort zone to please this person or you are lying to stay interesting. I mean you are exhausted with the steps you take to make this work, and you know deep down inside this person is just not right for you, but hopefully this relationship is a bridge to the person you are truly meant for.

And then you have those relationships where you are just comfortable with everything. You love without trying, you share the same interests, your goals include each other, you are not interested in anyone else, and you fit. You can talk about anything, express yourself without judgement, be comfortable in your own skin, and your partner just works in your life.

Whatever type of relationship you are in, make sure you are happy and not lost in someone else’s idea of what your relationship should look like.



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