Ex Lovers as Friends

This is a question that has been posed to me and my acceptance of it in my marriage. Now if you follow my blog or podcast you know how I feel about ex anything. Ex boyfriends, Ex girlfriends, Ex friend with benefits, ex whatever it is not happening in my relationship.

Some may say I am insecure, but believe me that is not it.

I trust my husband and I trust our union, now can I trust that the ex only wants to be a friend, well, that I don’t know and I don’t think there is ever a way to tell.  Things always start out innocent, but remember there was a reason they dated in the first place.  Something about your partner made this person feel good and want to spend a part of their life with them. They may have moved on, but what’s to say they don’t question if they had hung in there.

Now I know there are exes out there saying, I truly don’t want your man/woman or we are better as friends. Well, that may be true today, but what’s to say that you won’t be looking for that supportive friend to choose between their new relationship and you.

We are all human and feelings sometimes are things that are hard to control. Why put yourself in that situation, when  you can just let exes be exes and keep it moving. No need in hanging on to the past no need in ever making your current love question if your friendship with your ex is just a friendship.

I know couples who think they have it all figured out with this situation and the one who is completely on board is the one who has all their exes as their friends.  How awkward is that.  I mean why? Now I have yet to be challenged on this or made to believe otherwise. If you have a story that kills my theory please let me know in the comments section, I would love to know others views on this.

2 thoughts on “Ex Lovers as Friends

  1. Nina says:

    I agree that exes shouldn’t be friends anymore or they should not at least be meeting in persons any longer. It’s not really a matter of trust to me- but it is more of avoiding the temptation to fall. I mean, why would we even put ourselves in a scenario where it’ll be easy for us to fall and get tempted, right? As you’ve said- there’s a reason why you started liking him or her in the first place. And even if we say that we have self-control, I would still say better not to put ourselves into test. Safer. 🙂 And if it would be unavoidable that they be together, then I would suggest that YOU should be included on the wheel. 🙂


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