5 Things Not To Do on Valentine’s Day

Oh, it’s Valentine’s Day in a couple of weeks. I didn’t realize! 

Actually Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays my husband and I choose not to celebrate.  I mean after being married for 18 years it just loses it luster after the dating years.  We acknowledge that it is Valentine’s Day and we encourage new couples and newlyweds to show each other how much they love one another on this day, but in reality your love should be showing everyday. Little acts of love should be happening weekly or at least three to four times a month.

You should not need a holiday to express how much you care for someone. But, hey, I get it! It is a traditional holiday that justifies gifts, candy, and flowers. Take advantage right?

Well I have 5 things not to do on Valentine’s Day. Yes, not to do. Let’s take the cheesiness out of Valentine’s and make it more meaningful.

Do Not go out to eat. I mean really, let’s spice it up with taking a romantic cooking class or cook a favorite dish for each other. If you are married with children, have the children prepare dinner for you and the hubby. One year for my anniversary my children prepared a 5 course meal for us.  They prepared and cooked all the food while my husband and I cozied up and watched a movie at home.  The food was great and some of the food choices were things I had never had before.  We had French cuisine.

Do Not go out with friends. I mean Valentine’s Day is supposed to be for lovers or those who are in love.  This is not the time to double date or group date.  This is your opportunity to spend some alone time with the person you love. If you feel that you all are alone all the time, it is still not the time to impose yourself on other couples. Work it out!

Do Not propose or get married on Valentine’s Day. Why would you want to share your moment with everyone else in the world.  Not to mention it is so cliché and boring. If proposal is on your mind, do it a week before or after, that way it is not expected. If your planning your wedding, how selfish of you to plan a wedding on the day everyone else in the world is trying to show their significant other how much they love them. Be original, get back to the drawing board.

86 the flowers. Which means Do Not give flowers.  It is expected! I understand the gesture, but it takes no thought to buy flowers on Valentine’s Day. A better idea, one rose or stemmed flower everyday from the beginning of February until Valentine’s Day. Now that takes effort and thought. Give a plant, something that can grow with the relationship. A year from now you will look at that plant and see just how much the relationship means. A plant that has grown and has sprouted new leaves and looks vibrant, means you have taken care of this plant, because it was given to you as a token of love from someone you are still into. If it is dead and holding onto one leaf, you did not take care of the plant because your relationship ended or it is full of drama. I mean this is not scientifically proven but if you love something you take care of it. If you are loving your relationship you are going to take care of what your lover gave you.

Do not go to the club or a lounge, choose to do something more intimate.  Drinks in a private room, dance lessons (latin dancing that requires seduction), or put on a dance for each other. Ok, so men you might just want your woman to dance for you, but she would like a little excitement also. Bring out the props! LOL! Ok, maybe not. Just make it fun and memorable.

Whatever you choose to do on this holiday, just switch it up a bit from the regular ho-hum stuff. Do something unexpected or genuine. I mean if you’re going to celebrate the day why not make it special.

The goal is to leave an impression.

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