10 Things to do for Valentines Day

This post is for those that do celebrate Valentines Day. I guess it would be those in a new relationship or those who are in the honeymoon stages of their marriage. I am not against this holiday by any means,

I just feel that you should show your love for one another all the time instead of once a year.

Now I am not saying exhaust yourself with gift giving everyday, just reminders every now and again throughout the year.

That being said it is now time to give you how I think Valentines Day should be spent with the one you love.

  1. Check out the museum or the aquarium.  I have always thought that visiting these places were so romantic, especially when it is without the kids.  Pack a lunch or lunch style picnic and prepare to spend the day or afternoon at the museum or aquarium. If you have the luxury of these places being open at night for special occasions (children are usually not allowed to these events) take advantage and go.
  2. Go to the comedy club. What better way to spend time with your love one than to do something that will have you laughing all night.  It puts you in a great mood and if your newly dating, this is a great ice breaker date. Groupon has many of these offers. Inexpensive and fun what better way to enjoy V day.
  3. Hiking at a state park. I would say that this is determined by weather, but no, hiking is great to do in any weather. Bundle up if it’s cold and challenge each other to hike through some of the best national parks.
  4. Travel. Weekend getaways are always a hit. They don’t have to be over the top, but a nice hotel in your state or surrounding state is doable. Throw in a wine or food tour, tickets to an event, or an ocean or lake view and the romance will feel your hearts.
  5. There are so many of these quirky classes popping up all over the place.  They are trendy and somewhat romantic hour-long classes that range anywhere from painting, cooking to glass blowing and pottery. These classes demand interactions between you and your partner. They are fun, organized, and great learning opportunities. It is definitely something different to do, and if you and your partner are on the lookout for other couples to meet, these are usually the activities where you meet many different couples.
  6. Take a drive. My husband and I would do this every time we had a weekend to ourselves, which was not often. We would drive somewhere new and take pictures, visit a historical site, have lunch, and head back home. These were great moments in our marriage, because it gave us time to talk, laugh, and just choose to be genuine with each other. We put the phones away and focused on each other.
  7. Couple massage.  If your partner is into spa time, this is a great Valentines to do. My husband will not get a massage, so this has not been something we do together, but I have always imagined how relaxing and sensual it could be if we did.  Now if you can’t get them to a spa you could always make a spa day at home. Be each others masseuse.
  8. If you are looking for something more therapeutic to do, how about a yoga class. A couples yoga class or something similar.  It could be nice working up a sweat with your lover.
  9. Offer to do something with your love that you know they really want to do. You may not enjoy doing some of the things your love enjoys, but be selfless this V day and offer to do something that you know will make them very happy.
  10. A night in. Women put on your best lingerie, men get those bodies ready and enjoy a night in. Candles, rose petals, scented candles, and mood music. Choose to do whatever brings you closer. It is a day of romance so make it romantic and unforgettable.

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