Are you a power couple?

Do you ever think of you and your partner as a power couple?

If so, what kind of power couple are you?

  • Are you both successful at your careers?
  • Are you both making high-end salaries?
  • Do you both run a business or multiple business that are thriving?
  • Do one of you work and the other take care of the family?
  • Are you the type of couple making ends meet but your relationship is strong and your bond tight?
  • Are you all that couple that everyone wants to be?

On my journey of building a great marriage I have met couples who identified their marriage or relationship as being a power couple.  This was defined by their money of course and the number of properties and cars they owned.  I thought to myself,

It must be nice having all that money and status, they must have a great life and a great marriage.

Boy was I wrong.  They did not have a great relationship, because all they had, was their money and their material wealth.  To a person like myself looking in from the outside I thought that was where I wanted to be in my marriage. At the top of my game in my career, traveling when ever the wind blew, buying whatever I wanted, and showering my man with the best of the best.

Wrong answer!

They had the money, but their relationship was totally built on what they could do for each other financially.  Their love for each other was artificial. Their kids could not tolerate them and they were miserable when they were left to entertain each other.

Now, I look at my relationship differently.  We are a power couple in our own way. Our love and bond for one another is strong. We both have careers, but family is always first. We make sacrifices for the strength of the family and we are not defined by the amount of money we have.  Our power comes from the need of wanting to see each other succeed and raising children who know what it is to have a healthy relationship.

I love to see couples who have been together for years and they are flirtatious with each other, enjoy each other company, compliment each other, and show the commitment to family and making it work. Now that is a powerful couple in my eyes.

What type of power couple are you?

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