What type of wife are you?

During my daily devotion I was challenged to assess myself as a wife.  Am I my husbands greatest partner, advocate?

Am I his helper?

I have always looked at myself as an average wife. Nothing too special, no bells and whistles, just a woman who respects her marriage which creates that respect for my husband.  I do see myself as my husbands greatest partner because I am honest with him and I express how I feel about the decisions he made for himself and for this family.

We do not always agree, but the goal is to create an environment where we have the freedom to tell each other everything, we are respectful to each others opinions, we have each others back, we uplift each other, and more than anything we are honest with one another.

I am the type of wife who wants to be my husband’s partner, but allow him to be the head of the household. I am not the wife who cooks and cleans all the time and my duties are in the home and his are as the breadwinner.  We share in the responsibilities because that is what works for us.

I am the type of wife who is interested in his day and get excited about his accomplishments and new goals. I am not the type of wife that sugar coats things when he makes not so good choices and engages in things that I feel will challenge our marriage at some point.

I am the type of wife to express how I feel about him and how I am thankful for the type of man, husband, and father he has become. I stand beside him and we are a team, always.

We are both human and being human means we will not always get it right, but the magic to our longevity is always to keep trying.

The biggest piece to this thing called marriage is to not forget to love one another through it all.  I am a loving wife and I express that with words and actions.

What type of wife or partner are you?

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