14 Day Challenge – 14 Movies of Romance and Love

I’m challenging myself for 14 days to come up with 14 different things I can do to show my love or celebrate my love for my significant other.

Today I am naming 14 movies that are perfect date night movies for you and your lover. So cuddle up and start the movie marathon.

  1. Boomerang –  This is my favorite movie of all time.  Nothing has ever compared to it and I don’t know why.  I just love it!
  2. Love Jones – Another favorite that just makes me feel love and happiness.
  3. Brown Sugar – I love stories about friends who become lovers. It just makes me melt with happiness on the inside.
  4. Sixteen Candles – OMG a classic. I just love those movies about awkward girls getting the guy.
  5. One Day – Sad, but it hit me really hard.  It makes me want to cherish every moment with my husband.
  6. Dirty Dancing  – This movie was so sexy.  I loved every moment of watching it. I danced along with them at the end.  I just love stories about love that is just meant to be.
  7. Love and Basketball – Who doesn’t love a story about the boy who lived next door.
  8. A Little Bit of Heaven – Can you say tear jerker. This movie had me feeling so emotional, but mostly love.
  9. Just Wright – Another good one that shows that the least likely girl wins in the end.
  10. Mahogany – Another classic that shows love can conquer all.  When it’s meant to be it will be.
  11. The Notebook – All I can say is I cried like a baby. I love stories about love that was meant to be.
  12. The Best Man 1 and 2 – This movie not only shows one true love story but three.  I was wrapped up in all the drama and love of each couple.
  13. Sense and Sensibility – I am a die-hard lover of poetic british movies. These century movies are always about love and sacrifice. I describe them as poetry in motion.
  14. Save the Last Dance – This movie was a little cliché, but I loved it. The dancing just made it more poetic and intriguing. I love movies about relationships that shouldn’t be but is.

Well that’s my list.  Of course I have many more romantic movies that I would love to list, but I promised only 14.  Please share with me movies you love to watch about love and romance.  I will add them to my queue.

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