14 Day Challenge – 14 Romantic Getaways

Getaway! I love that word. Getaway from it all if only for just one day.  Leave your problems behind and relax.  Now it is true that your problems will probably be there when you get back, but we all need a day to pretend like everything is just peachy.

Why not take getaway a step further and invite that special person along with you.  Make it even better by making that getaway romantic.  It’s needed, believe me!

My day consists of family, work, and more family.  There is not much time left for me or romance, so here are 14 romantic getaways with beautiful scenery and an atmosphere that forces you to relax.

I will only keep this list to the USA because it was much to difficult to do when considering all the beautiful places in the world. Some of those places would be in Paris (most romantic place on earth, so I’ve heard), Africa, Canada, South America, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Ireland, and so many others.  Let’s get started.

  1. Maui, Hawaii
  2. Napa Valley, California
  3. Chattanooga, Tennessee
  4. Sedona, Arizona
  5. Naples, Florida
  6. Aspen, Colorado
  7. Monterey, California
  8. Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts
  9. Big Sur, California
  10. Savannah, Georgia
  11. Adirondack, New York
  12. Mackinac, Michigan
  13. Biltmore Estate, North Carolina
  14. Telluride, Colorado

Please share some of your most romantic places, and I just might take a trip.

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