14 Day Challenge – 14 Poems of Love

I love all forms of literature.  A good love story always puts me in a good mood, but a poem filled with descriptive love and the many ways it makes you feel always does the trick for my state of mind.

Now poetry has been written for many years and to think only 14 poems will do would be crazy.  I challenge you to look beyond these 14 poems and allow your self to feel the intensity of a poem filled with love and passion.

To think poetry was at one time a form of entertainment. People would gather to hear others read their works of art. Not to many years ago poetry slams were popular and large groups of people would gather around to support those on stage who poured their hearts out through the art of storytelling or expressive language.

These types of expression sometimes get looked over for more modern and social ways to show your feelings, but it continues to be a big part of how I choose to be entertained.

  1. Remembrance – Maya Angelou
  2. To Be in Love – Gwendolyn Brooks
  3. Evening Solace – Charlotte Bronte
  4. You say you love; but with a voice – John Keats
  5. Recreation – Audre Lorde
  6. Resolution – June Jordan
  7. Heart to Heart – Rita Dove
  8. The Silence of Love – George Russell
  9. Ardella – Langston Hughes
  10. What it Feels Like – Alice Walker
  11. Touched by an Angel – Maya Angelou
  12. Love Sonnet 40 – Shakespeare
  13. Evanescence – Angelina Grimké
  14. Love and Friendship – Emily Bronte 

If you are a poet or a person of spoken word please leave your name and website in the comments section I would love to read your work and pass it along.  

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