14 Day Challenge – 14 Acts of Love

What is another way to say I love you without physically saying I love you?

My husband and I joke about this all the time, because he feels saying I love you is not necessary when you show your significant other love all the time.

How do you determine what is an act of love and what is an act of duty?

That is a tough question to answer because it may depend on your relationship dynamic.

I did not want to do this 14 day challenge because what I may think is an act of love someone else may think differently.  I say that to say these are things that you can do for your love one that could possibly be out of the ordinary that shows them love.

  1. Name a star after your loved one – star registry
  2. Give a donation to a charity they are passionate about.
  3. Write them a love letter and have it mailed to them.
  4. Have a t-shirt designed that professes your love for them and wear it to their place of employment.
  5. Breakfast in bed delivered by your love in the most daring or sexiest clothing.
  6. Bake a cake with little trinkets baked inside that describe your relationship.
  7. Binge watch a show together that you would never watch, but it is your loves favorite.  Get involved, ask questions, comment, act as if you are really into it.
  8. Find a picture of you and your love together and post it to social media with the most loving post to go along with it.  Describe some of the wonderful reasons why you fell in love and why you are still in love.
  9. Have a tree planted or plant the tree yourself and have an engraved plate with your names and the date of your anniversary placed by the tree.  Wouldn’t this be something great to look at 10 years later?
  10. Rent a hotel room and have your loved one picked up from work in a limo or uber (lol) and brought to the hotel.  Have waiting some of their favorites.
  11. Create a playlist of love songs that describe how you feel about your love and tell them to listen to the playlist on their way to work, during work, or on their way home.
  12. Send some love texts in the middle of the day.  first be casual, than sexy, funny, enticing, and finally alluring.
  13. Serenade them their favorite song while you all are in the shower or bathing together.
  14. Give them a passionate kiss, followed by a long hug, stare into their eyes, and give a compliment.

I know some of these are a little cheesy, but I love it.  If you show your loved one love other things that you think others could learn from. please add it in the comments section.

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