14 Day Challenge – 14 Handmade Gifts of Love

If you are the type of person who can really appreciate a gift made from the heart that is truly personal and made with you in mind, you have come to the right place.

This can go two ways

First if you have been in a relationship for many years and you have showered your loved one with every gift you can think of, it may be time to give something a little outside the box, like a handmade gift.  This can be a game changer and who doesn’t love a gift where the person really had to use their creativity and show how much they know you to complete.

Second if you are in a new relationship and you are not sure about spending so much on this person, this could be a safe way to show how much you care for them without breaking the bank.

I personally love handmade gifts.  I love them from my children and especially from my husband.  He is not that creative so when he takes the time to do something that requires him to make it I know it was done with love.  My favorite handmade gift is a card.  My children go all out with glitter, stickers, and drawings.  The message inside is so personal it brings me to tears.  I would pass out if my husband gave me a handmade card. To take the time to write something beautiful and decorate the card would make my heart melt.  I know that is not happening, but a girl can dream.

Now I cannot take any credit for these handmade gifts. I needed assistance from Pinterest and the many talents that occupy that website. So enjoy and if you have some projects that you have made leave a picture in the comments or email them to me at happilyevermaybe@gmail.com and I will post them on my Instagram.

Click on the picture and a link to the creator will take you to their website. #1, #2, and #6 did not have an owner, but I did find the pictures on pinterest. I take no credit for these images or pieces of art.

  1. 512e2f9017cc63d2213ad85b87688b95
  2. 43159c4dc0a72ef4c2e3ca81bb92e064
  3. mug
  4. blanket
  5. picture
  6. 18705fdc24a5cdf4f935c6e5df8c097b
  7. necklace
  8. necklace
  9. necklace
  10. necklace
  11. necklace
  12. necklace
  13. necklace
  14. necklace Love a great card


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