14 Day Challenge – Love is…

Are you familiar with the Love is comic strip created by Kim Casali and Bill Asprey?

Well, if you don’t know about the comic they have been around for many years and they continue to be published in newspapers today.

The comic originated from a series of love notes that Kim Casali had drawn for her future husband, Roberto Casali, according to Wikipedia.  When her husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer Bill Asprey continued the comic while Kim spent time with her husband.  Kim has now passed on but her comic strip can be seen daily in the newspaper, except for Sundays.

There are quite a few Love is comic strips, so this list of 14 does not compare to the number of strips that have been published.

  1. love 7
  2. love 5
  3. love 4
  4. love 1
  5. love 2
  6. love 7
  7. love 6
  8. love 5
  9. love 4
  10. love 2
  11. love 1
  12. love 3
  13. love 8
  14. love 1



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