14 Day Challenge – Valentine’s Day

I must say, blogging everyday for 14 days has been a challenge.

Writing everyday is not the challenge, but only writing about one topic and naming 14 great things about that topic is the challenge.

Everyone needs to be challenged at times, in their lives.  We become complacent when we don’t have to think about things that are not apart of our day-to-day.


it is finally Valentine’s Day and instead of being happy I am rather sad.

You would think blogging about love would make you feel love, but today has been a day of heartache.  Life always has surprises right when you are comfortable with everything being neutral.  I confess I do get afraid when things are going great in my life. I feel like it’s just a matter of minutes before I am hit with reality.

What are the realities of my world

  1. children
  2. marriage
  3. finances
  4. career
  5. family/friends

Your list may include more,  but these are the five things that I find myself becoming emotional about almost daily.

How do I find balance?

Acceptance! Accept things for what they are when I am not in a position to change them. Change what I can and always continue to work toward my ultimate goal in all five areas of my life.

Valentine’s Day is just a day, but to most it signifies how much the people around them care and love them.

Today my sister came to my job and brought me a balloon and chocolate.  I became so emotional about this gesture of love.  I don’t see my sister often and she is the baby in the family so it was not expected.  We talk from time to time and we always say we love each other, but I would have never thought she would have come to my job to show me love.  I was not her only stop. She made her rounds this morning and shed love to all of us, not knowing how we were feeling just knowing that she wanted to do something special for those she loved.

Heart warming, I know.

I on the other hand stuck to routine.  I made sure my children were pampered with gifts of love before heading off to school. I had stayed up all night the night before trying to make everything perfect so seeing their appreciation was all I needed to make my day.  I hugged my husband a little tighter and kissed him a little longer and headed off to work. No bells no whistles.

What about the heartache you ask, well,

The heartache was a result of information I received yesterday that oozed its awful feeling into today.  So I forced myself to be happy when all I felt was pain.  My husband, the voice of reason always says “Don’t let it ruin your day, enjoy today enjoy this moment.”  Ugh! Fine, I will and I did.

I don’t have a list for you today just this message,

Hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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