5 Ways to let someone know you are interested

Have you ever been in a situation where you like someone and you think they like you too, but they are not making any moves?  You start to think “am I sending off the right vibes?” I mean sometimes as a woman you have to just take the lead on this one and let him know, hey I’m interested, now you make the next move.

If only our mothers were not like “You never throw yourself at a man, let him approach you, stop being so desperate.” LOL! That’s my mom anyway.  

Well, it may not be that you are desperate, but as women, we have become this group of fierce be all do all human beings and we just don’t have time for beating around the bush.

I mean we will flirt with you for a little while but if we are feeling you and we know you are feeling us why not make some moves.

Now if you are just like “No, I can’t do it.” then this article is for you.  Here are 5 ways to let him know you are interested and hopefully he takes the bait and asks you out on a date or if nothing more talk to you for more than a second so that you know for sure that he is interested.

Spoiler Alert – This article is only relevant if you work with this person, go to school with this person, see this person at church, or a social gathering periodically.  If this is a once and a lifetime encounter this article is not for you.  I would even say this article is more relevant if you know this person on some level.  Sometimes you only get one chance to make that move and if you have never seen this person before or this is a person you see every blue moon at the grocery store you probably should create the opportunity while you have the chance. Some suggestions

  • start a conversation
  • ask if you know them from somewhere
  • compliment something they are wearing or doing
  • introduce yourself (be careful)
  • drop something in front of them (yes, in some situations this works)
  • pretend like you know them and wave hello with a big smile

You get the point.  Now back to the article if that is not your situation.

  1. When you see that special someone start a conversation about anything other than his interest in you or your interest in him. Take notice of something he wears or a cologne that he uses and pretend you are interested in knowing where he shops or what scent he wears (if you really like it you don’t need to pretend).  This lets him know that you notice him and that it is okay for him to ask you a question, hopefully, one that leads to more conversation and perhaps a “Let’s finish this over lunch.”
  2. Ask him for his Facebook messenger, snap, or twitter handle.  These things are not as personal as a phone number or maybe they are and you should just ask for his number. Either way, use that opportunity to find out more about him and maybe if the interest is there he is doing the same.  Start a conversation via one of those social media outlets and hopefully that takes the pressure off of both of you and you can chat without being nervous.
  3. Invite him to a large event.  If there is a party or community event happening invite a group of people including the one you really want to attend.  If everyone is meeting up at a particular time tell him a time that is thirty to fifteen minutes earlier and use that opportunity to test the waters.
  4. Ask their opinion about something.  Maybe something you have written, drawn or made. A topic that is in the news (be careful with that one), or their opinion about another person.  It shows that you care about what they think, even if you really don’t.
  5. Subtle flirtation is always a sure win.  Lots of smiling, cute laughs, light touches on the shoulder or hand, sharing food, eye contact, a cute walk, and maybe even an eye wink.  It works!

The idea is to let the person know you see them.  You want to know more about them.  You welcome their conversation and their time and hopefully with a few nice smiles and head tilts they will get the picture and ask you out.  If not maybe they are not interested and you should move on.

Let me know about your experiences with this.  I am curious to know how others do it.

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