Love is in the air

It’s fall and it’s the perfect season for love.

Fall or Autumn as some call it is the season where the most relationships go from casual to real love and commitment.  It is also the season where singles find the “one” they have been waiting for.

What is the logic behind this, I don’t know, but I do have a theory.

I personally love fall. It is my favorite time of the year and it puts me in a cozy loving mood.

In the summer it’s too hot to cuddle but it’s the perfect time to show off that body you have been working on all year.  Heads turn too much in the summer. Men and women are to blame for that one.  A number of people think the summer is for being single and dating or hooking up.  You just want to be free to be cute, flirted with, and hanging out with no boundaries.

In the winter it’s too cold to be cute.  You are bundled up from head to toe.  You are rushing from one place to another to get out of the cold and you miss all those possible encounters.  You may want to cuddle up with that special person for warmth but you may have a nasty cough or a runny nose and this time of the year is just not your most attractive time. Also, this is the season known for the most cases of depression and low self-esteem, society is just sad during this time of year.  It’s gloomy and cold and just miserable. You are so caught up in your own feelings you don’t have time for anyone else’s drama.

When spring arrives it is wet and a bit chilly.  The spring is the ruler of bad hair days.  I call the spring ponytail weather for the women.  The sun does seem to shine more and the flowers start to bloom but it is only the beginning for noticing others and coming out of your winter slump. You are starting to get that warning that it will be hot soon and we know what hotter weather means (no time for relationships that are not already in the works).

Now the fall is perfect! The right weather, the right scenery, and the right attitude for love.  The weather is not too hot not to cold.  The leaves on the trees are changing colors and everything is starting to look picturesque. You are in a great mood because everything feels cozy.  The different fall smells are wonderful to the nose and the comfort foods and long days at the coffee shop turn your attitude into gratitude for a beautiful time of the year.  There is Halloween to put you in a fictitious mood and Thanksgiving to put you in a thankful mood.  Weddings are abundant at this time and it just makes you want the same for your life.  Now is the time that love finds us even when we are not looking.

Now I am no expert and this is all opinion, but I find it to be true in my circle. I’m so happy fall is here and I am here to enjoy it for another year.  I am more loving in the fall which means I am also an attention seeker from my hubby non-stop.  Lucky for him fall is only three months and then the love remains but the mood changes.  I warn him every year, enjoy it while you can.

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