Love at first sight

Love, at first sight, sounds so romantic and timeless, but is there really such a thing?  I mean there are a lot of first, like

Love at first kiss

Love at first dance

Love at first woohoo

You get the point. Love, at first sight, means you saw this person and before there was even the potential for a connection you fell in love. You fell in love with an image. This person did not have a conversation with you or give you a polite gesture all you did was see them.

Ok, maybe I am looking at this all wrong.

Maybe the saying means the first time you met this person you knew they were the one.  You watched them interacting with others, you liked how he/she looked at you, their smile gave you a loving warmth, the way they spoke made them appear intellectual, or it could be just the way they fit in those jeans. 

Now I know I can instantly dislike a person as if their attitude is written all over their face, but I have never had the pleasure of falling in love with someone at first sight.  Now I will say I have seen a few men in my day that has just made me stare or giggle like a school girl because it was something about them that just screamed attraction in every way.  This is not to say it was love at first sight, but for a moment it might have been lust. I mean I am a happily married woman, but I am not blind.

But the romance of it all just gets me swept up in the notion that love can happen at any moment.

I was asked if I still liked my husband and I had to smile at the question.  Loving him is one thing, but liking him is another and I must say I got that warm feeling on the inside when I started to explain why I still like him just as much as I love him.

For me, it was love on the 3rd date.  I knew from that moment we would marry and have a family.  He was everything I thought I wanted in a man, but he turned out to be so much more.  He is my romantic story because we were opposites and at first sight, he was not necessarily my type. I would like to think that I would always choose him flaws and all, but for those who have loved, at first sight, I admire that attraction.

Share your story with me. I am a hopeless romantic and love the idea of true long-lasting love.  Send me a link to a love story. It feels good to know true love still exist in this world where hate and tragedy want to take center stage.

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