Dating in 2018

Dating in 2018 should be a new television series.  There is so much going on in 2018 and dating is one of them. The world is forever changing and how we love and choose to love has changed.  Dating as the beginning of finding true love has also changed over time. How we date and the value it has on who we choose as our partner for a lifetime can make the process fun and fulfilling or a long daunting task. Luckily dating in 2018 can be approached in a new way with clear expectations.

I was speaking to one of my single friends and she had me in awe when speaking about her dating life and how it is much more casual these days.  First of all, you have a number of ways to meet that special person

  • dating apps (too many to name)
  • social media
  • clubs/bars
  • retreats
  • rallies (can you imagine the intensity of that first encounter)
  • church (yep it continues to be a great place to meet someone)
  • school
  • support groups
  • work
  • and the list goes on
When meeting this person you can be very straightforward and say
“Hey I’m looking for a relationship”
“Hey I’m just looking to hook up”

Some of the apps that are available make it that easy.  Hook up apps are much different from dating websites.

I mean you have websites that do the work for you.  Say you are only looking for a man or woman whose wealthy or they consider themselves a sugar daddy or mama you can create a profile and let the interest pour in.

There is no more dating for days or weeks before you know if this person wants to be serious or if they just wanted a one nighter


If they were looking for long-term or just a companion with benefits but no commitment. It just takes all the guessing out of the equation.

My friend at times has the freedom to date many people at once and when she wants to be serious and think she wants to be married she settles down with one of those people until they do or say something that ends the relationship.

That type of dating makes it too easy to tell someone to hit the road because you know that you can continue to date with or without purpose, you don’t allow the relationships to evolve into something great.

To hear her talk about her love life exhaust me and I could only wish to have the energy to date, multiple people.

These days I look for alone moments between needy children, a needy husband, and a needy job.

To all the people dating in 2018, I wish you much success and I hope you find what you are looking for, whatever that may be.

Being married for more years than I can count I sit with a bag of popcorn and listen to my friend stories with intrigue and anticipation.  They are entertaining and sometimes even a little scary. Forget a drama filled movie it’s all in the dating game.

Which brings me to safety when dating in 2018

There is always a safety issue in anything that you do, but the radar for foolishness should be even higher when meeting others through channels such as dating apps and websites.

Is this person real or trying to set you up for something you are not prepared for?

Is this person going to leave you with the dinner receipt or do they have a disease that they themselves don’t know about or don’t care about spreading?

It’s a lot which is why most people hook up with friends or people they think they know. All I can say is I’m cheering for you and I wish for you to find love and a lifetime partner or just hook up, whatever you are looking for.

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