Images of Love

Lately, I feel like everywhere I look the world is showcasing images of couples in love. 

I love the idea of people displaying their love for their partner, but on a side note what I don’t appreciate is the idea that this is something new now that celebrities are finding out that showing their love for one another is appealing.

With the magic of social media and the acceptance of fans showing how much they love that you love your boo, long-term relationships must be a new thing for the rest of the world, UM NO!. I know couples who have been madly in love with each other for years.  They loved being in the same space with each other and have ridden the storm with one another when things were so bad they didn’t think they would see the light.  

All relationships deserve to be recognized and honored because it can be hard trying to build something that no one can tear apart. 

I am all about loving on your special someone and telling the world about it. Post pictures on Instagram and share your special moments on Twitter, show the world that there is more to life than hate and criticism.  I want to see everyday people sharing their lives their love with the world so that we can relate to something that is achievable.  Share your stories with me so that I can share them with others.  Relationship longevity is possible and it feels great.

Confession, whether it is a famous person or a person who is not I do love seeing it.  I follow stories on Instagram of some of the most beautiful relationship stories in Hollywood. Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade, Remy Ma and Papoose, Beyonce and Jay Z, Chip and Joanna Gains, Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish, Ciara and Russell Wilson, and yes the list can go on.  I also like to see the relationships of my family, my friends, my co-workers, and those who I meet in passing.  I love the stories and the memories that we choose to cherish and share.

I’m sure you all know my story, but my husband and I have been together for years.  We met and dated in high school and after a few years of growing up and finding ourselves we decided to get married and I am happy I made that decision every day.  We have now been married for 19 years and I feel blessed to be in a marriage that is also a friendship.  We are very different but we want the same things out of life. We appreciate each other’s talents and ambitions and encourage each other to do better or to not give up.  We have goals, but we also have love. I do like my peace and my me time, but I miss him when we are not together.  We are raising a family and looking forward to the time when we can sit back, relax, and enjoy each other.

I know there are many more of you who have a story that encourages love and longevity in relationships.  I can appreciate someone else’s journey to finding that special one and holding onto them.  I want to continue to see couples smiling, hugging, kissing, and enjoying one another it is what we all want and all deserve to have. Let the images of love encourage more love to fill others heart with positivity and just maybe we can learn to accept each other for who we are.  

If you read this blog and you are in love, in a marriage, dating the one post a picture on Instagram and tag @happilyevermayb (without the e on the end).  #happilyevermaybe and celebrate your magic.  Share your story with me and I will feature you on my blog.  Let’s prove to the world that images and stories of love will create a peace in the hearts of those who are hopeless or hating without cause.

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