New Year Relationship Goals

The New Year is upon us and now it’s time to get serious about what we want in 2019 from our relationship.

Think about your relationship at this very moment good or bad and think about what you and what you need from it

  • more quality time together
  • more intimacy
  • financial stability
  • more outings together
  • more interaction with other couples
  • more me time
  • more love
  • more family time
  • more care and concern about each other’s feelings
  • more communication

and the list can go on and on.

I find if you commit to one thing it is easier than committing too many things. Think about your relationship and what is the one thing that would make the most impact. If your relationship is wonderful what is the one thing that could make it wonderful and meaningful. If your relationship is unsteady what is the one thing that could steady and balance it out. If your relationship is new but you know this is the one what is one thing that could push it to that next level?

Also think about what you will not tolerate this year. Its okay to say I love you but I don’t like when you … or I need you to … so our relationship will grow. Remember no one can read your thoughts. Say what you feel and make sure you are heard in the most loving way, but don’t forget to look at yourself and evaluate what you bring to the relationship as well.

Now, Get out of your head and get into action.

I am always shocked when the new year comes around. I cannot believe I allowed a whole year to pass me by without committing to anything I set out to do at the beginning of the year. One thing my husband and I did commit to was making more meaningful time for each other, even if its just 5 minutes. We have a special meeting place in the house that we rendezvous at for about 15 minutes to catch up, love on each other, and make plans. It helps because with children, careers, and life you can go days without even hugging each other or just talking about you all as a couple.

This is why we created the 365 Acts of Love Planner. We felt if you had a little guidance and time to reflex on how these acts of love make you feel and how they impact your relationship the acts of love could help make the relationship a priority, which it should be.

We have decided to document our Acts of Love (the appropriate ones) on Instagram (@happilyevermayb) as our New Year Relationship Goal. Some of the activities are fun and adventurous but some are also serious and romantic.

We have also decided to commit to our podcast and get out in the world and mingle with other couples who believe in long-term relationships. We also plan to speak with couples who are not looking for long term but just whatever happens, happens.

Love comes in all forms and we want to see it from others perspective. Our love has evolved over the years and we continue to nurture it so that we can continue to grow together and have meaningful experiences together. We want the same for all relationships. Get your copy of the 365 Acts of Love Planner and let’s start the new year together making time for love and partnership.

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