Do You Have a Dream For Your Relationship?

I was thinking that we all have dreams for our futures. Do you ever dream about the things you want for your relationship? I know we dream about being in a relationship or having the strength to escape one, but if our relationship is good and strong do we continue to dream for more in our relationship?

Sometimes I do get complacent and feel that I am where I want to be in my relationship, but then I find myself wanting more out of it.

I am faced with the positive reality that wanting more out of your relationship doesn’t mean your relationship is bad but that wanting more is actually healthy for your relationship.

In life, it is healthy to always want more, to give more, to live more. That desire or that want is what keeps us alive and the same is true for a relationship. Wanting more out of your relationship improves it, but wanting more in a subtle tone is what’s key to actually getting what you want.

Let’s take the scenario of the “perfect” marriage. You all communicate well, share in all household duties, care for the children as a team, feed into each other love language and both of you are financially responsible. What more could you want in this marriage, right? Well there could be things you continue to yearn for in your relationship like

  • Travel more
  • Spend more quality time together
  • Visit with extended family more
  • Take more risk or chances
  • Stay in more
  • Devote more time to the 365 Acts of Love

You get the picture. It is possible to want more in a relationship, but it doesn’t mean there is a problem with the one you are in. With the “perfect” relationship any conversation of improvement should be tangible and openly accepted. That communication factor is key. If you can talk to your partner about anything than the sky is the limit to what you all can accomplish together.

Start out with a conversation and move into small acts of change that build up to the expectation or dream you want for you and your partner. Be honest and open every step of the way and don’t hold back the negative. If there are things happening that make you or your partner uncomfortable face it and get through it and move on.

Continue to dream, continue to want more, and be confident in what you want. The love and commitment that you all have for each other should welcome dreams, but also a dream that desires to become a reality.

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