Interracial Relationships and the fight continues

I was reading an article about an interracial couple who was attacked at a restaurant by a group called White Lives Matter.  They were harassed in the restaurant and then physically attacked when they left the restaurant, just for being an interracial couple.

I am saddened by this because as Americans we have freedoms that you would think would allow us to love who we want where we want.  What is the fear in this? Where does the hate come from?

I look at people in love as a symbol of two people who have looked at each other and have accepted ALL of this person with the idea of building a future.  I see Love as an uncontrollable act.

Most times if you tell your self I will never date outside my race and you meet someone at work or school, which most times puts you in a place to coexist side by side with people from different backgrounds and walks of life and you get to know them beyond their outer appearance, can you really control what you feel. Ultimately love wins.

Love in all its forms overpowers the most repulsive hate. I want to believe that if we took the time to get to know each other we would learn that racism is learned. We are born loving and accepting every person who shows us love and kindness. We bond with our parents, family members caregivers, and teachers when love is received. As a child, we show dislike toward others who mistreat us or neglect us. This is how it should be. We should have valid reasons for hate.

No one should be able to tell you who to love.

This is the time in life where we are open to discovering what makes us who we are. Loving someone of another race should be the least of our worries. Shaming someone for loving another human who happens to be another race is a waste of energy and time.

Fight the battles of domestic violence, drug depended on relationships, gold diggers, and relationships with predators who prey on women with children. Those are the relationships we should be fighting to the end.

I have read many articles that talk about what it was like to love someone of a different race in the past. when you read about the struggles and the fights it changes you. Those articles are hard to read and those times were only 60 years ago. I am saddened to know I can read an article this day and find the same hate when two people are only trying to love one another.

They said it best in the New York Times article “50 Years After Loving V Virginia”

“If it’s genuine love, color doesn’t matter.”

and it shouldn’t.

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