5 Traditional Valentine’s Day Ideas Updated!

Although I have personally outgrown the much loved holiday Valentine’s Day I do enjoy hearing other couples stories about how they celebrated. Some stories I am privileged to are cute and memorable and some are just sad and disastrous.

If you have read my blog over time you know that my husband and I have given this holiday to the children. When we were younger (before kids and real life) my husband did grand gestures to show his creative and loving side. Now his gestures are simply words “Happy Valentine’s Day” if he remembers. I know it is not that he loves me any less I just know that we have decided a small daily act is better for our relationship and we will save the grand gestures for our anniversary. This unspoken agreement between my husband and I doesn’t stop me from expressing my love with fun and personal gifts to my children on this dedicated day of love.

I like to make things that are memorable, unexpected, and for everyone to see. In the past, I have made them personalized t-shirts, jewelry, socks, blankets, pillows, and paintings. I have also made gift baskets with cards or a poem attached that I created and wrote.

But for those of you who continue to try and outdo yourself year after year maybe some of these ideas will get the juices flowing and help you delight in a memorable Valentine’s Day with the one you love. I admire those who continue to make the effort of making your loved one feel loved and special. We get so caught up in life and its many surprises that channeling that energy into making someone else feel loved is laudable.

  1. Go old school with a twist. When I say old school I mean the flowers, stuffed animal, chocolates, and a card. Do you remember back in high school when that determined if your boyfriend was the one? I laugh at that now, but it would be cute to reminisce about those days when everything was simple. The twist on this old school gesture is to strategically place each item in a place that your partner will visit and at different times of the day. For example in the morning when they wake have the flowers waiting on the bathroom sink. When they get in their car for work have a card taped to the steering wheel. Have chocolates or a special treat waiting for them during their lunchtime and the teddy bear in the bed for when they get home. Another add on would be not to communicate with them until the end of the day. Let all the love soak in over the day and end the night with all the mushy stuff you have saved up to say. I know this takes some planning and altering to your daily structure but if you can pull it off it would be worth the smiles and words of appreciation.
  2. Personalized gift. Find some old photos of you and your partner’s relationship over time and have them made into a calendar. In the calendar mark your anniversary dates like a first kiss, the first time we said I love you, the first date, when you were married, firstborn child, you know days that have meaning in your relationship. What would really make this gift stand out is taking pictures of your partner when they are not paying attention and use those pictures in your calendar. Have a friend take pictures of you and your partner engaging in some type of activity and use those photos. The calendar should have photos that will make your partner remember a special time or be surprised that their picture was taken during a moment they thought no one was watching. An example of that would be when they are sleeping, dealing with the children, cooking, etc…, but if you take this route don’t forget to add pictures that have you all doing things together as well.
  3. Serenade the one you love or if your voice is less than desirable make a mixtape. I know no one makes a mixtape anymore create a playlist. Now the twist on this old but loving gesture is to serenade them throughout the day. Wake them up with your voice, prepare breakfast with a melody, walk them to their car with your voice as the background. music. When you are away from each other give them a card to open with your voice singing them a love ballad (they have greeting cards that you can record your own message.) To end the night sing them a lullaby to fall asleep too. It’s like they are enjoying their own personal music all day long. Now if you don’t have the voice to pull this off and your partner is just not fond of the singing a playlist should be made with directions when to listen to certain songs. You can give instructions to listen to a song in the morning upon awakening, a song for the shower, a song for getting dressed for the day, a song for in the car or on the train, and so on. Strategically pick a song for every mood of their day. It should be a personal gesture that they can cherish for a lifetime.
  4. Scavenger Hunt. I love a good scavenger hunt. This scavenger hunt should go beyond their home but make them venture out to places that remind them of your relationship. You can plan this for the evening and have it lead up to a place or dinner back at home. The experience is what matters. Really think about your relationship journey and make the clues meaningful, loving, and lead to places that create moments.
  5. Dinner. How simple is it to make dinner for the one you love? So simple everyone does it. I do not want dinner prepared for me on Valentine’s Day, because my husband makes dinner periodically through the week anyway. So how do we revamp the old age gesture of preparing dinner for the one you love. Well, you can prepare the dinner but where you have the dinner should be the key to this magical night. On a rooftop, by candlelight on your bedroom floor, at the park, the beach, well you get the picture. The Dinner you prepare should be of their favorite things. If you can’t cook, order because the goal is not to ruin the moment with bad food. I always say I don’t care what we are doing as long as we are creating memories and loving each other in the process. I just want to be with you talking, cuddling, and loving.

The key to a perfect Valentine’s is to make it all about the time you spend with the one you love. It is not how much you physically buy them but more about the time you spend with them. If you have a busy life and all you have is 30 minutes make it the best 30 minutes. It’s all about the quality of time and how you choose to use it.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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