5 Couples Date Night Outings

Every couple needs a date night once or twice a month, but what about a date night with other couples? If you are one of the lucky ones who have couples who you consider friends and fun to hang out with you will love these fun couple date night outings.

I have a group of friends who are married and some are dating and the men all have different personalities, so date night as a group can sometimes be awkward. The women are always chit-chatting away and laughing at inside jokes and the men are hating they agreed to this one-sided outing with strangers. After a while, the men started saying no to these arranged couples date nights and it became ladies night. To get the men back interested in couples date night we had to come up with some options that would satisfy every couple and the different personalities.

I have put together 5 of the best couples night out, that satisfied all and also helped the men to bond more and start to look forward to date night with the group. The women were just excited the men were back in the picture and we could officially go back to couples date night out.

  • Escape Room – OMG! Have you had the opportunity to experience the escape room? There are so many options and this feeds the ego of every type of person. You are working together as a group to escape a room with clues. What makes this experience so magical is that you actually have to talk to each other and agree with how to move forward. You have the ones who are good at riddles, the ones who are problem solvers, the one who panics, the one who jokes to lighten the intensity, and the know it all. I don’t think I ever laughed so hard watching this group of serious problem solvers try to escape a room. This can also be an affordable outing, because Groupon has so many deals for escape room fun. This is one experience you can not knock until you try it.
  • Cooking Class – I know cooking and class together couldn’t possibly be fun, but when you add competition to anything it changes the dynamic. There are many types of cooking experiences that you can attend and learn to make exotic foods, sweets, romantic dinners, or foreign cuisines. They even offer bar b cue grilling classes, but the cooking experience we had was for those of us who think, let me emphasize think we know how to cook and have the audacity to compete with others who think they also know how to cook. This cooking experience reminded me of the television show Chopped. They give us 3 main ingredients and we chose from five different recipes that have these ingredients and then we cook. I hate cooking, but that was a lot of fun. It allowed my husband and I to have moments together and some fun trash-talking with the other couples. There was balance and in the end, we fed each other.
  • Wine & Brew Tasting – I know that not all men enjoy sipping on wine at a wine tasting and all women are not beer drinkers, but when you put it all together the possibilities are endless. Now add some of your closes friends and the night never ends.  These events are better with a large group, which is why I suggested it for a couples date night. The big ones are usually held outdoors late spring, summer, and early fall. They are held at popular venues with live music and over 30 vendors. There is usually an area to pop open a chair or lay down a blanket. A sip here and a sip there turns the most shy person into a social butterfly. The men will talk, the women will talk, the men and women will talk together. It is a win-win. Most places let you bring in food, some offer it with your ticket, and then there are the ones that charge for food. Either way, it is a wonderful night full of great conversation, sipping, and bonding.
  • Concert in the Park – This is not my favorite, but I’ve learned that it is a great ice breaker for the most awkward situations. If it’s a band or bands that everyone invited likes it can be fun.  Turn this into a picnic with everyone bringing food and drinks and a great attitude.  Music is the perfect way to relax and a definite mood changer. Dance, sing, talk, eat, and drink outdoors at sunset, sounds picturesque. This couples date doesn’t require a lot of talking but it creates romantic moments for you and your partner and memorable moments for the group. Although this is not my favorite, only because I don’t like crowds I do find it to be perfect for that first couples outing.
  • Game Night – Finally the most traditional date night for couples, game night.  This is my favorite and I would do it more if my husband didn’t hate it so much.  I love games especially the competitive ones. I’m big on girls against boys because as some suggest I’m always trying to prove my equality.  We do the games that test your smarts and wits, but the really fun games that pull you out of your comfort zone and even provides some embarrassment like Cards Against Humanity and Drawing Without Dignity is what I live for. This is a fun way to really get to know your group of friends beyond the mask. You laugh, you yell, you scream from embarrassment, but most of all you have fun. Add some beverages, food, and music and you have just turned date night into a party night.

Whatever you choose to do have fun and make sure everyone who’s apart of the couples night is also having fun. If you make it unforgettable it will be a night that everyone will look forward to and it opens the doors for bigger things like couples vacationing and supporting each other at events that are job-related or personal. People that were once acquaintances quickly become some of your closest friends.


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