How to stay in love during quarantine

First I would just like to wish everyone health and happiness during this time in our world. We are all dealing with the heartbreak, uncertainty, and stress of this change in our times. Stay positive, keep positive vibes around you, and don’t forget to share the love no matter the distance.

Now, if you are like most of the world and you are required to stay home, being quarantined with the ones you love may have started out as a great opportunity to reconnect with your family, but by week 2 you may have started to get a bit of cabin fever.

When stuck in a place with your significant other, with no options of going out to break up the monotony you learn some things about yourself and your partner, that you may or may not like.

To avoid the frustration of trying to rationalize this new feeling you have for your loved one (that is getting on your last nerve) try some of these suggestions to help channel that energy.

Meditation is proving to be a harmonious way to stay grounded. 10-20 minutes a day is all you need to help you remember the strength that you poses and the hope that we all need to see things through. Do this with your partner. Plan to wake before your work from home day starts and find a quiet place for you both to meditate before starting the day. There are a number of apps available, but the one I use is Oprah&Deepak 21-Day Meditation Experience. It is free for the 21 days and the focus is on hope.

Yoga is another way to channel that energy that is building up inside. Choose to do this with your partner or as a family. Starting your day with Yoga can be great, but also using your lunch break to stretch and center can be beneficial also. Find a couples yoga on youtube, there are so many to choose from. If you are a beginner at yoga I don’t suggest doing the couples yoga challenge, otherwise that may cause a visit to an already overwhelmed doctors office.

Make a mid-day playlist. This playlist should be favorite songs that you all as a couple love to listen to, together. It can be love songs, high energy songs, or a mixture of both. Designate a time everyday to come together and dance and sing. This time will not be for talking but for connecting on another level. Music soothes the mind and nurtures the soul. This can be a 20 minute break and can last as long as you feel the need.

Prepare meals together. Doing things together takes the stress off of one person being held responsible. Make a menu for the week. Make either breakfast, lunch, or dinner your big meal and everything else keep it light. Make the big meal fun and new. Look up some recipes and challenge yourselves to do something you otherwise would not have that the time to do.

Allow each other to have personal time, space. This is crucial to your sanity. Take some time for yourself in a room away from everyone else. Watch a movie or tv show of your liking, journal, read the bible, pray, pamper yourself with a bath or long shower, do some body maintenance, or just curl up with a book.

Remind each other why you are together. Talk about fun and happy memories. Say I love you, do acts of love for each other. Utilize your 365 Acts of Love planner (it still applies to times like this).

Another key item to quarantine bliss is to not let things fester. If you have a problem talk it out. When we are constantly on the move and bombarded with a million little things, we put off things that tend to grow on the inside of our minds. When things grow and finally bloom it is not always good. So, that being said, get it out, nicely, calmly, and lovingly.

Don’t forget to get some fresh air. Neighborhood walks, playing in the backyard, sitting on the deck, and just taking in this wonderful earth we live on. Focus on the positive, stay off the news, and appreciate the people around you. Love will conquer all and that starts with you.

Stay well everyone and enjoy this time you have to sit and breathe.

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